The plaster line can be so beautiful

Gypsum line is one of the most common decorative materials in home decoration. Its form of expression is flexible and its shape is ever-changing. It is very popular among everyone. The gypsum line is used in the ceiling and the wall, and the gypsum line is installed inwardly around the edge of the ceiling. In addition to the ceiling, the plaster line can also be used for wall molding such as wall skirts, siding, etc. A luxurious decorative effect. Today, let’s focus on the plaster line, don’t see it, look scared! The plaster line can be so beautiful!

The ceiling of plaster line, many home decoration will generally choose the ceiling, the ceiling gives people a more refined feel, but the complex ceiling, depressed and not practical, for those who like simple and stylish living room, plaster line decorative ceiling is the perfect choice. It makes the living room look bigger and more elegant.


Modern and simple home decoration style, simply press a layer of plaster line; Jane European style can also choose a more complicated plaster line. The height of the floor is not enough. If it is lower than 2.7 meters, the ceiling will be suppressed. Yes, it will be suppressed if you look good! Then the plaster line is the most desirable because it also has the illusion of pulling up.


The exquisiteness of the plaster can really make the home amazing. The ceiling is decorated with plaster, which gives people a sense of simplicity, quietness and elegance. It explains a low-key luxury.


The plaster lines are usually mounted on the ceiling, but some people put it on the wall. The effect of the installation is truly unexpected, especially when it is mounted on the background wall.


The decoration of the living room sofa wall, the decoration of the wall of the room, adding the details of the layout of the plaster line, can enhance the three-dimensional texture of the room, the decorative effect is better, I believe many people prefer this design method.


The combination of plaster lines and decorative paintings will bring the elegance of art to the fingertips, bringing a distinctive artistic style.


The white wall is outlined by a few simple plaster lines, and the square space is immediately stereoscopic.



The wall is white lacquered and decorated with PU and plaster lines of 1.5 cm and 3 cm inside and outside. There are not too many colors and shapes on the wall, and the lines are the main ones. Stereo is beautiful.


Post time: Aug-22-2019

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