More and more popular with plaster lines, many people do this, too amazing

It’s so beautiful! The price of the plaster line is still so amazing, and the decoration must not be less.

Gypsum line is becoming more and more popular in home decoration. The plaster line is beautiful and economical, and it does not occupy space. It can be used not only to decorate the ceiling, but also to decorate the monotonous wall. It is simple and generous, and it is very malleable and very popular.

1, the top of the plaster line

A simple ceiling with a plaster line will instantly become different, giving the space a sense of hierarchy. The plaster line will be a perfect transition between the roof and the wall, and the simple shape will make the roof no longer monotonous. Choose a different plaster line depending on the style of the decoration, either simple or with a floral style.


2, plaster line on the wall

Decorating the wall with plaster lines can enhance the three-dimensional texture of the room, and the decorative effect is better, and now more and more owners will choose to use the plaster line to decorate the TV background wall, which is extraordinarily graded. On the one hand, the cost of the plaster line It is lower than other TV background walls; on the other hand, it is a good shape for plaster lines, which can easily create different curvatures and lines.


Post time: Aug-22-2019

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