Development of Gypsum Products Industry

early as four or five years ago in China, the production of gypsum line was entirely manufactured by hand. At that time, the production of gypsum line was characterized by high labor cost, low production efficiency, high labor intensity and low product quality. The quality of gypsum products produced depends entirely on the technical ability of workers. After more than ten years of continuous technological innovation in the industry, the gypsum production line has entered the gypsum product industry, greatly improving the production efficiency of the gypsum production line. A production line only needs about ten people, and can produce about 6,000 lines in eight hours (previously average 10 lines per worker per hour). In a year or so, nearly 3400 production lines have been installed in China at the same time, but the manufacturers of production line machines know only the fur of the gypsum line, but they do not know all aspects of the quality requirements for the production of gypsum line. As a result, the quality of the products in the market is poor, and many manufacturers can not persist and are gradually eliminated. After nearly a year of continuous innovation, Jinhua Juan Decoration Material Co., Ltd.( has developed a gypsum line that can be efficiently produced, and can make the surface of the product smooth, three-dimensional pattern strong, line thickness uniform, gradually recognized by the market, and has become a leader in the industry.

Post time: Sep-23-2019

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