Benefits of using plaster lines

1. Covering the ugly

In the decoration, there are many places involved in the problem of closing the mouth, and it is very costly and energetic to close the mouth. Gypsum angle lines can be used to solve the problem of uneven corners and irregularities in ceilings and walls.3

2, you can take the line.

Cables or water pipes on ceilings or walls can be hidden directly in the grooves of the plaster corners without slotting.


3, decorative beautification

Since the plaster line does not occupy the layer height, it can make various shapes. The plaster line attached to the wall can make the empty space rich in layers, and the complicated pattern can increase the feeling of ancient elegance.


4, doors, furniture, can also be decorated with plaster lines.

In addition to the wall and ceiling, the door and window furniture can also be decorated, with lines on the door and a retro feel.


5, for a variety of styles.

A variety of different styles of decoration are applied to the plaster line to decorate and match. It can be European classical or modern and simple. Japanese, American and rural styles can be made of plaster lines.


Post time: Aug-22-2019

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