Although the plaster line is beautiful, but few people can hold it right, many people only regret it

The traditional decoration methods are both beautiful and gorgeous, but now people’s living standards have become different, and the spiritual level requirements are higher. During the decoration, many friends valued whether it looked at it. By the way, most people prefer a simple decoration method. It does not seem to cause visual fatigue, save money and be practical, and it is the pursuit of most people. Although the plaster line is beautiful, but few people can hold it right, only to know how many pits are staying.


Although the plaster line is simple to install, it is also a test of the skill of the master. The plaster line is well loaded. The most important thing is to see how the master has renovated it. When it is recommended to decorate, someone still has to supervise it on the spot, so that it is not afraid of problems. If you have any problems, you should communicate with the master in time. If you wait until you have finished loading it, you can’t change it.


Some friends may feel that they don’t understand, so they won’t go to see how the masters install them. Some friends think that it is better to install them, so it is more convenient to save money. In fact, before the Plaster line is done, you can ask the master to use the leveling, how to use the glue, so if the master is professional, but the wall is still where, Need to do the leveling Work, the glue is normal in the final step of the renovation, it will not be used at the beginning, if the master can do the right thing, then you can rest assured when the decoration.


Then you can also ask where the master plaster line should start. If the master’s answer is to start from the front, it means that the master is experienced. You can safely hand it over to the master to decorate. The line will be very straightforward and will not be embarrassed. If the master says that he can do whatever he wants, then the master is definitely not professional


The finishing line of the plaster line should be noticed. Generally, it will not be in the conspicuous place. The best place is in the corner. This does not look obvious. The overall aesthetics will be much higher. The master who is invited is qualified. It is directly related to the effect of your plaster line decoration.


Post time: Aug-22-2019

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