Gypsum cornice for wall angle gypsum ceiling cornice

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Product Detail

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* Non-asbestos

* strong and sturdy

* Fireproof

* Anti-mold and insect-proof

* water proof

* Moisture-proof

* Sound/heat insulation.

* Light weight

* No distortion

* Yellowing resistance

* Easy to clean

* Smooth surface

* Clear floral pattern

* Obvious 3D effect

* Excellent constructive performance


Our Cornices, mouldings and accessories are manufactured using very fine quality of Gypsium along with fibre glass reinforcement and special additives which gives that extra strength, sharp design and long life to the product

Product Description

Gypsum line is the housing decoration materials, the main interior decoration. Can bring a variety of patterns practical and beautiful. With fire, moisture, heat, noise, heat insulation, and can play a luxurious decorative effect. Gypsum airtight cementitious materials, gypsum relief decorative products must have the appropriate thickness, in order to ensure that the affinity between molecules to achieve the best.

In order to ensure a certain useful life and in the period of use of complete and safe. If gypsum decorative products are too thin, not only the service life is short, but also affect the safety.

The fashion for installing plaster coving and plaster cornice in homes took off over 200 years ago.

plaster corniceis interior decoration materials, with a variety of practical and beautiful patterns,

making rooms look smartand well finished. It is fireproof,waterproof, strong corrupt proof,


Jinhua Jiupin is professional on gypsum cornice with 20 yeras, our cornices is all handmade

from the finest plaster. We have a huge range of styles and designs, decorations in Hotel,

Villa, Exhibition hall, Cinema, Concert hall,Conference room, Hall, KTV rooms.


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