• Development of Gypsum Products Industry

    early as four or five years ago in China, the production of gypsum line was entirely manufactured by hand. At that time, the production of gypsum line was characterized by high labor cost, low production efficiency, high labor intensity and low product quality. The quality of gypsum products prod...
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  • Benefits of using plaster lines

    1. Covering the ugly In the decoration, there are many places involved in the problem of closing the mouth, and it is very costly and energetic to close the mouth. Gypsum angle lines can be used to solve the problem of uneven corners and irregularities in ceilings and walls. 2, you can take the ...
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  • More and more popular with plaster lines, many people do this, too amazing

    It’s so beautiful! The price of the plaster line is still so amazing, and the decoration must not be less. Gypsum line is becoming more and more popular in home decoration. The plaster line is beautiful and economical, and it does not occupy space. It can be used not only to decorate the ceiling,...
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  • Although the plaster line is beautiful, but few people can hold it right, many people only regret it

    The traditional decoration methods are both beautiful and gorgeous, but now people’s living standards have become different, and the spiritual level requirements are higher. During the decoration, many friends valued whether it looked at it. By the way, most people prefer a simple decoratio...
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  • The plaster line can be so beautiful

    Gypsum line is one of the most common decorative materials in home decoration. Its form of expression is flexible and its shape is ever-changing. It is very popular among everyone. The gypsum line is used in the ceiling and the wall, and the gypsum line is installed inwardly around the edge of th...
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  • Our website is online.

    Jinhua jiupin decoration materials Co., LTD. was founded in 1993. It is a company with decades of experience in producing gypsum products. The company is located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, China. The transportation is quite convenient, especially relying on the growing up of the la...
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